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WLCA strives to offer affordable language and culture classes in every school. Our program is designed to be flexible in order to best fit the schedules and needs of our students.

WLCA Interest Survey

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How it Works

When: Classes are held before or after school hours, or integrated into the school day as part of the regular curriculum. Classes are available to start at any point during the school year.

Location: Classes are typically held in a classroom located at the school.

Session Packages: We offer session packages by the amount of classes you choose to have. Typically, we offer packages as follows:

  • 10 classes
  • 15 classes
  • 20 classes
  • 25 classes
  • 30 classes (Highly recommended for adequate base learning)

There is always the option to add more classes throughout the year or after your package ends.

Cost: The cost of the program varies by location and depends on the amount of lesson packages you choose. Scholarships are sometimes available.

Enrollment: We require a minimum of 10 students and a maximum of 15. Multiple language classes may be held as long as each class follows the 10 student minimum.

Volunteer Parent Coordinators: A Parent Coordinator is a parent or school administrator who volunteers to serve as the liaison between the school, the parents and the Area Coordinator. Parent Coordinators help with getting the word out to other parents about the program and help with coordination of classes throughout the session. Ask your Area Coordinator for more information about the benefits of being a Parent Coordinator!

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Getting Started

Determine the area closest to your school and contact the corresponding WLCA Area Coordinator:

Greater Seattle Area MaryKay Speight
Gig Harbor/Tacoma Area Marita Paly
Olympia Area Elke Armajo

Work with your Area Coordinator to decide:

  • The language(s) of choice
  • The start date of classes
  • The days and times classes will be held
  • The best session package
  • The cost of package

We encourage you to download and print our Brochure or Information Sheet and bring it to your principal or to the next PTA meeting!

What Parents Say about WLCA

"Becky is a very articulate and enthusiastic teacher. She speaks to the children in a respectful, intelligent way, but also with a sense of fun. The games and activities she brings to class are great!"

Parent from Lowell Elementary

"We had a great French breakfast on the last day, it was a real treat for students and families. I enjoyed hearing French being spoken by the students."

Parent from Broadview Thompson Elementary

"The teacher made learning Spanish fun. For example, she gave them names in Spanish and made them use and refer to this name while in class. Also, to help with name recognition of certain items in Spanish, she set up a grocery store (complete with checkout and cash register) to reinforce what she taught in class".

Parent from St. Joseph School

"I have recommended your program to others. I feel it is very important for our children to speak more than one language, so they can be competitive in the world market. Mia has been very kind to my child, helped him "fit in". He is understanding more and remembering more Japanese all the time".

Parent from Eastgate Elementary

"My daughter loved learning Spanish. C. C. was very positive. My daughter talked about what she learned every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon."

Parent from Sunny Hills Elementary

"Marla's gentle, flexible style was helpful for my son -who often needs reminders to be on task or a break -she provides books, maps, etc. for him to use, keeping him within the Spanish atmosphere. Near the end of the course, our family visited friends in Panama. Our 7 year old and 4 year old were proud of themselves knowing some Spanish. The 7 year old bargained for souvenirs!"

Parent from Issaquah Valley Elementary

The Run About the World A.C.E. WLCA Fun Run

The Run About the World
is our annual 5K fun run/walk event with cultural activities!