WLCA Language Camps

WLCA Summer Camps are all about fun activities that build a foundation for future language learning and cultural understanding!

Our action packed and culturally invigorating camps are sure to get kids excited about language and culture! We make sure that campers have tons of fun by offering interactive and engaging activities to teach about the traditions, food, music, art etc. of another culture and basic communication skills in another language. These weeks will provide your child with a strong base for future language learning and international curiosity to build upon.

How it Works

What a typical WLCA Camp entails: Our camps focus on one particular language and culture. You choose the language and the culture is dependent upon the lead teacher. The curriculum for each camp is specially designed to best fit the level of language abilities of the campers, as well as the ages. Our language instruction focuses on communication versus language form. Students learn to understand the language prior to speaking. The cultural components we incorporate into our camps range from learning a new dance form to cooking or tasting food popular in the culture of focus to dressing up in traditional outfits.

Location: We are able to offer our camps in any location within the Puget Sound region.

When: Camps may be held anytime during the summer months of June through August. Exact dates are determined by interested parents/guardians.

Duration: WLCA Camps are typically between 1-3 weeks.

Enrollment: A minimum of 12 campers are required in order to hold a WLCA summer camp.

Cost: The cost of a camp is dependent on the location, duration and anticipated enrollment.

Upcoming & Current Camps

No camps scheduled at this time.

Start a WLCA Camp Started in Your Area

All camps must be planned at least 3 months in advance. If you are interested in having a language & culture camp held in your area please send us an inquiry at least 3 months prior to the date you would like the camp to be held.

Please contact us and provide the following information:

  • Your contact information
  • Area in which you would like the camp to be held
  • Language preference
  • Date preference
  • Length preference
  • Do you know of other interested participants in your area? If so, how many?

Video & Press From Past Camps

Summer Camp 2009. Video by Wild Moon Productions

Some kids use their long break from school for school

Learning Arabic from head to toe
By Seung Hwa Hong
Seattle Times staff reporter


"Thank you for allowing our daughter to participate in your program this summer. Our daughter really enjoyed the program and learned a lot about the Urdu culture and language. We are very proud of your teachings and our daughter's accomplishments. We know that the things she learned will last her a lifetime and also help her to build relationships in other cultures and in other parts of her life helping her to become a more rounded person and to grow up knowing no prejudices of any kind. Thank you!" - Father of Urdu class participant

"Your camp made me eager to pursue Arabic, as well as soccer! Thank you again for making me trilingual!" - Arabic camp participant

"While in two short weeks, my son could not learn enough to become fluent (of course!) he certainly learned enough to know that he wants to learn more. Since he knows something of both the language and culture and is truly interested, now we just need to find other opportunities for study." - Parent of participant

"I was surprised to find my daughter learning new vocabulary in such a short time. She was able to describe the different body parts, numbers, colors, and greetings in a week. She was singing a song and showing us how to write simple words in Arabic by the second week. I was very impressed. She also enjoyed trying different foods, making new friends and working with different groups." - Parent of Arabic class participant

"I personally am thrilled that my son had this fantastic opportunity at a cost I could afford." - Parent of Persian class participant

"Basically, our son had a wonderful time and learned a great deal. We are very grateful for this opportunity." - Parent

"We feel extremely grateful to have been able to participate in this camp. I never thought my children could learn much Urdu without going abroad. Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! Our instructor was fabulous." - Parent of Urdu class participant

The Run About the World A.C.E. WLCA Fun Run

The Run About the World
is our annual 5K fun run/walk event with cultural activities!