About World Language & Culture Ambassadors

WLCA is committed to inspiring our students to continue their language and culture studies throughout their lives! Many of our students go on to study more languages, work internationally and explore the world.

About WLCA

History and Background of the Program

A.C.E. World Language & Culture Ambassadors (previously known as World Language Programs) has been offering world language education for over 35 years. WLCA has gone through many transformations over the years in order to meet the needs of the communities it serves. These years of experience have given WLCA exceptional knowledge in teaching world languages and cultural education. WLCA is part of A.C.E.'s commitment to make the world your community by helping people and organizations around the world create new connections and build interpersonal networks with those of other language and cultural backgrounds.

Who We Are Now

WLCA now offers a variety of language and culture classes in elementary and middle schools throughout the greater Puget Sound region. Our most popular languages are Spanish, Mandarin, French and Farsi. Our curriculum incorporates music, games, art, crafts and stories allowing students to learn naturally while having a ton of fun. Our teachers offer extensive knowledge to students about another culture and country based on their experiences abroad. We have a newly re-developed curriculum that utilizes a web-based platform and is based on 28 years of experience in the field. We use Total Physical Response and the Natural Approach as the basis to our methodology. These methods follow the natural pattern of first language acquisition. Instruction focuses on communication instead of language form, speech will emerge naturally, when the student is ready, much as it does with children learning to speak their native language.

Immersed in Language

From day one our Ambassadors are fully immersed in the target language. Through role-playing, hand gestures, mimicking and engaging activities students are able to learn without even realizing it! This type of immersion boosts students' confidence in learning another language by allowing comprehension to precede speech. Students learn at their own pace and our teachers do an excellent job in making sure every student understands. English is used during certain cultural activities and special circumstances.

Booming with Culture

Knowing a language requires more than just proficiency. Cultural understanding and awareness is a fundamental tool in developing global competence in our students. It allows a higher order of thinking, flexibility of the mind, creativity and innovation and gives students the ability to navigate the global community. Our classes integrate cultural insight into language learning, fostering even stronger communication skills in our Ambassadors.

WLCA Teachers

Our teachers come from all over the world bringing their experiences abroad and extensive knowledge about other cultures into the classroom. All of our teachers are native speakers, or have near native capabilities, and have an undeniable passion for teaching. They have been trained in our methodology and all have gone through extensive back ground checks.

Awards and Accreditation

WAFLT Public Awareness Award

A.C.E. had the honor of receiving the prestigious Public Awareness Award from WAFLT, or the Washington Association of Foreign Language Teachers, in 2001. Below is a segment from WAFLT's website explaining the meaning of the award.

This certificate is given to a person or persons who conducted activities or staged events which garnered publicity and created public awareness for the study of foreign languages. Highly recognized world language fairs, community speakers' bureaus, radio and television ads, media stories concerning school programs, and other events aimed at increasing the exposure of second language study to the general populace are examples of the types of activities which the recipient of this award has initiated.


A.C.E. is proud to be the state leader for teaching children foreign languages. We have had long standing contracts with public schools in western Washington for over 25 years. We have a presence in the districts including but not limited to: Seattle Public Schools, Bellevue School District, Tacoma School District, Olympia School District, Gig Harbor School District, Issaquah School District, Kirkland School District, Lake Tapps School District, Sammamsish School District, Peninsula School District, North Thurston School District, Enumclaw School District, Tumwater School District, and Bothell School District.

The Run About the World A.C.E. WLCA Fun Run

The Run About the World
is our annual 5K fun run/walk event with cultural activities!