A.C.E. Abroad

A.C.E. Abroad International Consulting and Facilitation

Do you need culture or business consulting in the Middle East or Asia? Since 1988 A.C.E. has conducted tailored educational and training programs outside the U.S. as well as consultations, training, and educational group tours in the Middle East, Russia, Latin America, Central Asia, & Europe.

Our services include:

International business consulting, country and culture briefings, market assessment, strategic introductions, planning and follow up.

  • International Consulting and Facilitation - Liaison and facilitation services for regional and national institutions and corporations in the U.S., the Middle East, East Asia, and Central Asia. Sectors include accreditation, library assessment, institutional relations, investment banking, and region-to-region collaboration.
  • International Study Tours - Targeted bench-marking and exploratory group visits to less familiar areas of the world with expert preparation and guidance by A.C.E. professionals. A.C.E. organized the 2009 Oman Study Mission which had 16 participants.

A.C.E. Abroad is lead by President & CEO David Woodward; the Consulting Team is comprised of established specialists from a range of international and cross cultural project implementation arenas.

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"A.C.E.'s consultant provided a lot of 'cultural tips' to help one be successful in international business. I loved his watch example, and am tempted to start learning a phrase in as many languages as possible. These tips/skills/hints seem like they'd be very helpful when engaging in cross-cultural exchanges."
University of Washington Foster School of Business Student

"Your talk was inspiring and we know it has motivated students to continue their international experience."
Shun Yanagishita, Northwest Returnee Conference on Education Abroad (NWRC)

"It was interesting to hear you describe that 'global education' is simply 'education,' and that the walls surrounding it and other international bubbles must be burst in order for global intelligence to progress."
Christie Youde, University of Washington Foster School of Business