A.C.E. Staff

David Woodward
President & CEO

David Woodward is the President & CEO of Associates in Cultural Exchange. He first joined A.C.E. in 1980 as an ESL teacher, and became President & CEO in 1998. Woodward was born in Iran where he spent his early youth and developed a fascination for languages and cultures of the world. As a result, he became fluent in Persian, French and Arabic, studied a variety of other languages, and has traveled to over 50 countries. Following studies at Carleton College and the University of Washington, he received a National Resource Fellowship in Near Eastern Languages and Civilization in 1981 completing the degree in 1985. Woodward holds four degrees from the University of Washington including a Master of Education in Higher Education with a specialization in Teaching English as a Second Language, a Master of Arts in Near Eastern Languages and Civilization, a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics, and a Bachelor of Arts in History. Besides teaching for A.C.E., Woodward taught English as a foreign language at Kuwait University in 1982-83. Over his career he has presented extensively in forums and conferences on cross-cultural communication, language education, global business, international program administration, and Middle East civilization.

Since becoming President & CEO, Woodward has led in the redevelopment of A.C.E., resulting in expansion to 5 U.S. states and achieving full accreditation for all A.C.E. Language Institutes in 2013. Core activities have included managing personnel nationally, marketing internationally, board and organizational development, and setting up strategic relationships worldwide. He has led in the formation of several key international marketing consortia, and collaborative initiatives across professional disciplines. In addition Woodward has lead the development of various business startups and educational projects involving small businesses, universities, corporations, and government agencies within the U.S. and in peer regions of the world. Clients Woodward has worked with include the European Bank for Reconstruction & Development, the Eiken Foundation of Japan, the Ministry of Education of Korea, the Yemeni Ministry of Oil and Mineral Resources, Samsung Corporation, World Learning, AMIDEAST, Academy for Educational Development, Boeing, Microsoft, USAID, EPA, the Japanese Ministry of Education (MEXT), the Japan-U.S. Exchange Commission and dozens of universities and schools worldwide. Woodward has also provided recruiting, consulting and liaison services for Sultan Qaboos University (Muscat), the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Goodman Real Estate (Seattle), and Quality Schools International (Ljubljana). He has established contracts for services, branch offices and representative service arrangements with client organizations in Oman, Kazakhstan, Russia, Switzerland, Japan, Korea, Australia, and six U.S. states, as well as managing for-profit and not-for-profit subsidiaries and spin-offs.

Woodward is a member of the U.S. Secretary of Commerce-appointed District Export Council for Washington State, the Nominations Committee of the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation, NAFSA: Association of International Educators, TESOL, AIEA, the Board of Directors of the Seattle Rotary Club, the Advisory Board of the Trade Development Alliance of the Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce, the Advisory Board of the Persian & Iranian Studies Department of the University of Washington, and the Global Business Advisory Board of Seattle University's Albers School of Business and Economics.

Paul Kwilinski
Chief Operating Officer

Paul is responsible for oversight of and support for the A.C.E. Language Institute management team, institute operations and student recruitment. Paul's entire career has been dedicated to international education. From beginning as an ESL instructor in Taiwan in 1982 to opening training programs in Taiwan, China and Vietnam to directing schools and projects around the world, Paul's goal has been to improve educational opportunities for foreign students and to help American institutions source qualified international student applicants. In addition, he has helped develop contract programs for industry training in aviation, business and the nursing/medical fields.

Paul has administered Intensive English programs in China, Taiwan, Vietnam, New York and Seattle over the past thirty years. Additionally, he has designed and implemented teacher-training programs both internationally and domestically. Paul took an active leadership role in developing the Intensive English Program at Saint Francis University and looks forward to developing new initiatives going forward.